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Posted about 5 years ago by divagirlrocks123
i love you .you love me and together we will be for me and you for you and me i love you and you love me :)
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my life

Posted about 5 years ago by FUN GUY OPEN
i am fun guy open i am here to tell you about my life. me a 11 year old boy and people say that i do NOT look that age!!!!. So ...
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Posted about 5 years ago by kamo26
hi im bored soooooooo!!!!! bored
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my life i and my girlfriend!!!!!1

Posted about 5 years ago by ILOVEU2(BABY)_2018298
PRIEST:Handsome boy do you take ............ to be your wife?For life and death? ...
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German Test!

Posted about 5 years ago by cutechick133
whoo!! i got 10/10 in my german assessment ( thats a first) get well soon kat my buddy who was ill :/ xx luv all my friends the...
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meet weirdperson from luminousyellowfaces

Posted about 5 years ago by luminousweirdperson
hello i am weirdperson and i rule i am the leader of luminousyellowfaces so is stanpan
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February 2nd 2012

Posted about 5 years ago by CrashYourParty
Heyooo So, today nothing much is going on except basketball; which doesn't really count since i do that every week. But I do st...
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Posted about 5 years ago by famous36544
Im 11 and im cool i like a lot of electionics and have fun all the time i have alot of brothers and sisters read more about me...
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Why little girls are annoying.

Posted about 5 years ago by padme911
#1 they never leave you alone. #2 they are annoying #3 they always want what you want #4 they never leave #5 they love a little...
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How to translate Martian.

Posted about 5 years ago by padme911
Bliff borg wigga muff!:I have come to take over Earth. Mak wumma muffin choc chip!You be my chocolate chip muffin making slaves...
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