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Im Very Lazy To Write Anyth...
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well i gotta tell something...
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How to tell if a boy is in to you!!

If he is always looking at ...
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Candy Vlog

How-to,opinion,advice and m...
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Join my roleplay!

Hi everyone,how are you? Re...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted about 6 years by Tianzee


Hey guys. l am Tianzee! l like you guys because u make my living special now please help me to earn rewards because l want al...


Posted about 6 years by jilljillmimi_1972420


Ok, so this boy Josh has a GF who he really loves. His GF hates me cuz she thinks that im gonna steal him away from her cuz im ...


Hello D'Andrah (: Its Chey Chey Hacking Your Page c: First Of All This Little Girl Is A Complete Sweetheart!(: I Loved Her The ...

Amazing Bree's Hack♥

Posted about 6 years by Sollei11_1962834


Ello there (: Its bree [mzbre-bre11] Hacking D'Andrah!!!!!!!!!!! YAY ^^ Anyways, I'm glad to have D'Andrah as a friend. Sh...

My Blind Date

Posted about 6 years by nicholee1323_1997349


So this Saturday...well I guess tommorrow im going on a blind date at my church. I am so excited to go and anxious I wonder who...

Super Excited/Scared

Posted about 6 years by jilljillmimi_1972420


So i have a blind date coming up tomorrow with a guy from my church. I dont know who it will be (thats why its a blind date) an...

Nothin really...

Posted about 6 years by kaim


Who do you think is better, NCIS or CSI: Miami? NCIS: is the green thumbs up CSI: Miami is the red thumbs down...vote now!!!


ok, so how are you guys doing well me having a good time my auntie just had got me yesterday I didnt even think that was her ta...

Ewww exes

Posted about 6 years by kitkats_krazy_1755677


FK DEM EX, I'M ON TO THE NEXT!!! So sick and tired of exiziz.(hehe 1 of ma new words ;D) All they do is come to you back and f...

Darn it

Posted about 6 years by lovebird1305


Hi everyone. I'm getting an expander! Darnit! The only good thing is the end result. Today I was meant to do the mould but coul...

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