my life

Posted about 3 years ago by mz.nola9336
ever since i was a baby my aunt used to let me do anything but mi mom she was kind of a ttough person she used to give me somew...
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What's the deal with coffee?!!!!

Posted about 3 years ago by koolkat575
Seriously, I don't get what is so great about coffee. It's like the blandest version of tea. And why do people drink it ALL d...
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Posted about 3 years ago by lilfox92
hi its me being bored
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I'm to school

Posted about 3 years ago by Naytishdov2002
I don't know why but I cant wait for school to start I just like it I just hope I'm not a geek that would suck butt chunks but ...
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The joke of the day

Posted about 3 years ago by lilmissdrama02
Does you face hurt ?????? Cuzzzzz it's killing meeeee Lol
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FAV activty??

Posted about 3 years ago by skully1221
mostly football and basketball and i luv to dance!!
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Madison P

Posted about 3 years ago by keyararice123
Madison Pettis Actually Added Me On Youtube !!!!!!!!!!1
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magic of black ops

Posted about 3 years ago by lover_girl420
funniest shit ever i got my ass eatin by zombies frikin hilariose had 2 keep gettin revived and pissin of my partner freakin fu...
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Chipmunks talking part 1 A play

Posted about 3 years ago by Emily8648
Chipmunk 1: tatatata Chipmunk 2: HUSH! people are here u know! are u dumb?! Chipmunk 1: sry. BUT HOW BUT U! ur talking! Chipmun...
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Monday, August 8 (:

Posted about 3 years ago by -StephanieHeartsYew.
Today I Have Been Drowsy. Like I Woke Up At One And At Around 5 I took a nap. I Felt so tired today Sorry If I Fall Asl...
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