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Oh no!!! Assessments today!!

2-3 assessments today! I ha...
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Fun Day! Day 1

today was quite fun!,My Fir...
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My mom and how she ignores me

She is always fantasizing a...
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When I first met you, I fe...
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So... as the title says im ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

pancake day

Posted about 6 years by shellbie123


i love it when it is pancake day i think every one does but if you dont like pancakes it is all right


If you always have trouble falling asleep or you never feel completely rested in the morning heres why.......part of it has to ...


Posted about 6 years by loverwings..._1779655


GOSH !!!!!!!!! i hated it today some people actually made me feel like crap which sucked !!!!! GOSH i just want to go to my old...

pretty girl

Posted about 6 years by rocky lee


A pretty girl that like the boy isrocky lee.but the boy dont know she like him be my friend i will tell you more


Posted about 6 years by LibertyUSA


I`m Serena and this is my juicy blog! well id love to tell you some super interesting stuff but nothing really happens around h...


Posted about 6 years by tigergold767_1987451


My faveret books are Warrior cats, percy jackcon and the olympians, the heros of olympus, the kane chronicals, an maximum Ride...


Theres a lot to learn in high school You have to take 4 years of it why not 3 years or mabe even 2 years, but 4 years thats a...


^^^ Witch one or all starting with me

My pe teacher

Posted about 6 years by Elizaro

Default girl

Im sad because my PE teacher left

Joke of the day

Posted about 6 years by Elizaro

Default girl

Knock knock who's there? Mara Maria who? Mara Mara on the wall.....

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