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Fun Day! Day 1

today was quite fun!,My Fir...
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My mom and how she ignores me

She is always fantasizing a...
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When I first met you, I fe...
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So... as the title says im ...
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Blog love

Hey im fox and im writing ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted about 6 years by reecemastin4ever


I am sooooooooo cool.... I love Reece mastin more than ANYTHING!!!!!


No, not my actual birthday, the anniversary of my birth, the day I was born, whatever. My other birthday. You don't know what I...


Posted about 6 years by maryR113_2016204


Well china vigina as I call her told me I should do a blog so enjoy and tell me if u want me to write about anything I'll...

Poem and heart breaks

Posted about 6 years by maryR113_2016204


I trusted u with my heart, I handed it over and said be careful. DON'T break it! And u said you wouldn't right after u shatt...


Haii'! :D So this is my first #MondayBlog. Jhenna decided that #MondayBlogs would be much more exciting than #Vote4Mondays so y...


Posted about 6 years by colleen317_2036578


my friend is right bout she is peng

My ski trip

Posted about 6 years by TwilightSaga4eva276


Well my ski trips have been bad this year I lost my gloves goggles and fell off a ski lift and also sat across some onewho had ...


Posted about 6 years by Cindy560_1763718


i really like movies,once i was watching fen and jake and i was wondering which kind of movie do u u like romatic comme...


Posted about 6 years by Cindy560_1763718


i know how when we are in school we want to have summer and have fun but since i don't have that much to dohere were i live i w...

My 12th brithday

Posted about 6 years by gods-jesus-girl_1820658


Hi There, on my 12th b=dad it was GReat! i LOVED IT! we wacthed movies, ate cake, drank soda, and opened the gifts, i got an mo...

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