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It's Boring, So Skip This Blog

I was reading the Four Hour...
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emo in the eyes of a parent vs kid

so in the blog i wanna talk...
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Poetry #1

“Numb” She hated the sadnes...
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Poetry #1

Yup, surprisingly I like po...
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Here is a riddle. What is h...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted over 6 years by vnilaic12

Default girl

i lov to surf!!! I think surfing is apart of of my life. I have learned a life lesson by surfing:when you get in the impact zon...


Hey, I am a werewolf, and if you have any questions feel free to ask away. I do perfer that you believe me and in werewolves. ...


Posted over 6 years by O_O Hambone


ok i like scary stuff horror movies scary stories ghosts aliens stuff like dat........so post scary pics or vids on my wall

Whitney Houston

Posted over 6 years by kimmie11861


I know she died on Febuary 11, 2012 but I am new to this website so here I will post sites to listen to her songs. Also, go to ...


I absoulutly love the Hunger games! it is an amazing book!~ I don't care if you like reading or not it's a must read once I fin...

How bored i am... :)

Posted over 6 years by kaim


Hey, I am soooooo. bored. lol. I'm kinda new to this so I have n-o clue what to do....


Posted over 6 years by farri_1668706


Hey guys, i am thinking about leaving kw, people have not been treating me in a nice way. i have heard what people have been s...

milly mail

Posted over 6 years by Graciemojo_1899657


this show is awesome go on youtube and type in 'ask milly' or 'milly mail' my fav is milly mail

softball practice

Posted over 6 years by Graciemojo_1899657


softball practice got canceled gammitt!


Posted over 6 years by DivaGirl219_2036043

Default girl

Dear Haterz, I couldnt Help but notice that AWESOME ends with ME and UGLY starst with U!!!!!!!!!!!!

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