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Bonjour - let's learn French!

Bonjour stands for hello. N...
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Bonjour! You might be wonde...
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Hey Guys XD I love creepypa...
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As I've mentioned everywher...
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All About Me

I doubt anyone is going to ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

the beatles

Posted about 6 years by love salvador


does any one like the beatles except for me please reply but comeone there cool


Posted about 6 years by love salvador


here taylor swift mean that will teach u bullys

not ing

Posted about 6 years by love salvador

Some Boy That I Like

Posted about 6 years by kekefour_2_981993


The people thats involved in this "situation" is mainly me and this boy that I like. His name is Elijah. My best friend is Juli...

gta san adras

Posted about 6 years by gangsterboy12


it is awesome just killed 3 cops and passing missions


ok nmy peepz u wanna know how to make friendz well it simple...if u have @ least 1 friend who has a buncha friendz who have alo...


Posted about 6 years by omggirl20


Hay guys its me writin bout me im a girl with the bling who waches dont tell the bride and that crap but moving on i kinda like...

what subject i like

Posted about 6 years by lolypop1234


i love to swim dance and sing but i also like to ackt. like in plays lol it's fun

Love Isnt Worth It

Posted about 6 years by Shaymar_2034827


Is Love Worth It Anymore, The Ripping Of The Heart, The Tears That Could Make A River, That Feeling That Everythings Over, Is I...

something :)

Posted about 6 years by hespiggirl


idk wat to wright about im bored as shiznip........waiting for something to fall from the sky.....OMG!!!!SNOW!!!!!

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