Posted almost 4 years ago by samhearts234
I am so so happy that I got my high red belt and I will get my black belt August 2012
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Life before teenager

Posted almost 4 years ago by Little Miss Chatterbox
Little Miss Chatterbox
I`m goning to write about life before I am a teenager. Is anyone NOT a teenager on this site because half the people I talk too...
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My Love

Posted almost 4 years ago by Hunter1111
Hey there!!! Ummm I like a dude but he has a gf and his way older then! But age dosent matter but a gf does!! So i need yalls h...
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taylor gang& brickquad

Posted almost 4 years ago by feaster13
these boii thank they hard walkin around talkin abou im taylor gang oka and im bricksquad but u dnt c mhe tellin everyone
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i like the boards now

Posted almost 4 years ago by I am epic
I am epic
i really do like the boards now i thought chat is better but the boards is acually better! :)
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Posted almost 4 years ago by smiley_me1999
If anyone evr needs advice ask me i gave my friend advice about her crush and now shes dating him!!! i got alot of advice in my...
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Don't u hate when girls lie

Posted almost 4 years ago by Aaron11
When lie that they a in love with u sometimes the will nead up breaking up with and dating a friends of urs that she said that ...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by da3
Hey, it's da3 chatting about God.Many people don't want to know God. They don't care. Others are non-believers. Well I ...
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Talking About: Yoshi

Posted almost 4 years ago by MarioLover!
Yoshi was first in Super Mario World in 1990. He is shown to be the only Yoshi who can speak perfect English.Shigeru Miyamoto, ...
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my luv poem#2

Posted almost 4 years ago by lilfox92
I never really knew you You were just another friend But when I got to know you, I let my heart unbend. I couldn't help past me...
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