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Random stuff

Posted almost 5 years ago by roknroll3_1885050
I love monsters incorporated. I like chocolate cookies and i love 100.9 radio station i like pancake and waffles . I love seafo...
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worst moment of your life?

Posted almost 5 years ago by shahasadi
write your own wost moment and share it with your friends
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Posted almost 5 years ago by Queen of Diamonds27
Queen of Diamonds27
Boys who r cheaters r not a man. These boys don't know good when they got it. We as women need to see that. We need to forget t...
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going to sat school

Posted almost 5 years ago by kimdy1522
hay if you have sat school at your school you need to go cuas it is fun and will bring your grades up and you learn alot more t...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by iluvyat
omg youll i luv my haters but most of all... nobody is perfect there for i am nobody
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I don't know...

Posted almost 5 years ago by poke_girl47
Hey imaginary readers! So, yesterday I slept over at my friends house. It was fun. We played LIFE... I think it was seriously ...
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Where to get GPK's

Posted almost 5 years ago by gpkfreak
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Justin Bieber wanna-be of Michael Jackson

Posted almost 5 years ago by ILoveMichaelJackson3
You know who justin bieber is,right? Well,Of course you do! Well many people say some rumors about him. Well he is one true rum...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by barnlofter
if you like luck i' ll say....u don't have much luck if you like the sun i'll say....y u so happy?? if you like to be creative ...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by RawrLikeAMonster_1999396
Yeah we have friends.But are they TRUE friends? How to know if there your true friends. 1.Never run out of things to say 2.They...
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