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Might be sad

I might feel sad for no rea...
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My bio

My bio always gets edited b...
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Power University

Hello I am new to this and ...
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Lego Weekly

Hi and welcome to the first...
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I would like to give a brie...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


I hope that one day I can look back at eerything and it all makes sense one day. I cant believe all I have done in life. I hav...


Posted over 6 years by Luh Symphony_2030094

Default girl

Coretta is an okay school there are just students there who have a tendensy to want to argue


Posted over 6 years by Hanna2512_2030103

Default girl

Gracie`s been really nice to me lately she payed for me and my friends to got to this super expensive hairdressers, and i got ...

What do I do?

Posted over 6 years by nicholee1323_1997349


Well see I have a big problem and I need your guys advice. I have this boyfriend and he dosnt believe in god. And i do (big tim...

my bff Megastar123

Posted over 6 years by lulumega1703_2023126

Default girl

hi i am lucy and i am going to write a blog about my best friend megastar123

Bullying's WRONG!!!

Posted over 6 years by puterlaura


Bullying: NOT COOL!!! Many people suffer from being bullied. What I say to it? No!!! I have been bullied for half the school y...


Posted over 6 years by Summer878_2030997


Hanna awesome shes one of my besties and she got a cat too! she called it tiger and its adorable, Hanna and Lexi are both comin...


Posted over 6 years by Summer878_2030997


Well Hi i`m Demi and not much is happening today im just hanging out with friends, looking after my sister and going to have a ...

Default girl

got the spotlight performance so i gotta practice loads, got a singing one to! :)

Default girl

my dad has offically gone MENTAL! he wants me to be pratically fluent in like every language starting with french, spanish and...

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