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Birthdae and my lover

Posted about 5 years ago by LeGaL teen__1977336
LeGaL teen__1977336
2dae is ma b'dae bt ma crush didnt evn wish me , while he lyks me 2...:(
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Only he could be him ♥

Posted about 5 years ago by -Yolo.Swag(:
I love him. I really don't care what anybody says. His pretty brown eyes shines brighter than the stars. His smile lights up th...
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Posted about 5 years ago by jazzyb7
Hey people. Today I'm going to talk about school. Yesterday, we just learned some things about multiplucation in math Seriously...
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Posted about 5 years ago by {Rylee Bhooskie Serenity}_2002930
{Rylee Bhooskie Serenity}_2002930
I realized that some people are getting talked about behind their backs. It makes me soo upset and that victim didnt even do an...
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kindle fire vs nook color

Posted about 5 years ago by nerdypanda12
I am super close to 200 dollars and I cant decide to get either the kindle fire or nook color. Any suggestions?
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Posted about 5 years ago by LittleCuteAngel
ive got a about 60 horses
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Posted about 5 years ago by kirkat123
GIRLS I NEED HELP!! Boys can be a real pain sometimes but this one guy i really like keeps making out that he likes my friend!...
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my little retard

Posted about 5 years ago by gpkfreak
My favorite dogs name is boomer. He is soooo stupid but funny at the same time LOL
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OK, im posting about....drumroll please...... HUNGER GaMES!!!!!!!! yeah!!!!

Posted about 5 years ago by idonthaveaboyfriend
it is so coming out in......(the movie) 62 days!!!
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Posted about 5 years ago by rolo and marley
rolo and marley
i love dogs and monkeys yaaaaa!!!!!! also i have a moviestarplanet account and if you have one friend me my user is marley80
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Sensitivity :( girls only

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Farewell To Club Penguin

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Sensitivity :( girls only