Life as it happens to be!

Posted over 3 years ago by Craziemonkey_1000822
It suxs my internet has been down for couple of days now i got it back. I started school this week and i wish i could be with a...
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What do guys want me to do?

Posted over 3 years ago by xxxxitsmylife12xxxx
The tittel said's it all.Should I post another video? post more pictures? Make another Rp? what do you guys think? cause I have...
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Mindless Behaivor

Posted over 3 years ago by Pretty-TEE*
Mindless Behaivor is the best all boy band group , They can sing dance rap andd i think more Lol B t W : Princeton is MINE ! He...
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My Friendship

Posted over 3 years ago by rasberry55551
Let me tell u all about MY friendship...i met my BFF when i was lost.i was in preschool and she lived on 85 while i lived on 95...
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Posted over 3 years ago by buttercups2469
please add me as a friend
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justin bieber

Posted over 3 years ago by kamdad0
hey yall justinbieber fans click 2 be my freind if u like justinbieber
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Posted over 3 years ago by ndia5565
everyone knows that earthquakes can kill u,wellthats happend to a friend of minds.i wore black skinneys,black 1 strap shirt and...
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child abuse

Posted over 3 years ago by keeneshia123
My name is Lilly > > > > I am three, > > > > > My eyes are swollen > > > > I cannot see,...
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my summer

Posted over 3 years ago by grapes rock
grapes rock
My summer was great my family and me went on a huge out west trip it was so awesome we went to California to see my uncle, we ...
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It is not funny

Posted over 3 years ago by lilfox92
august 25 2011 in school today my class got mad because i was sitting next to mt friend they told ...
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