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Its Here

Posted almost 4 years ago by xlilskittlezx
Its Officially Here ! You May Ask What ? MY BIRTHDAY! YAY !! (: Im So Happy !
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ur name

Posted almost 4 years ago by denee37
What Does Yhur Name Mean: 
A - Hot 
B - Loves People 
 C - Good Kisser 
 D - Makes People Laugh 
 E - Has Gorgeous Eyes 
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tomboy or girly?

Posted almost 4 years ago by samanthapandaw
today we shall see if i'm girl or a tomboy!!! i think we all know the results of this, but we're still going to see! YOUR BOY ...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by dlyan3333
who ever likes me add me
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Parental Supervision

Posted almost 4 years ago by Mr.Leaderman
People, nowadays, want to go ramblin' about Parental Supervision. I agree. They got these 6 year ol and 7 year old girls in my...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by Triforceofcourage
Okay, Something happened to me tonight, and it was kinda weird. (Sorry if no pics show up) I was just chatting with my kidzw...
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favorite color

Posted almost 4 years ago by babye 246
babye 246
Blood Red
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Posted almost 4 years ago by karate king123
karate king123
Don't you think it's great that you can make friends on this website. I think it is. A lot of people are nice on this website. ...
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Who thinks im cute?

Posted almost 4 years ago by wiltay
type here if u think im cute
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Guide for Newbies

Posted almost 4 years ago by XxYukinoMichikoXx
If your a newbie on Kidzworld, you came to the right place, I know how it feels because I AM a newbie! It's my second day her...
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