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Posted over 5 years ago by poushali
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Posted over 5 years ago by Blogger Girl100
Blogger Girl100
I love Anime and Manga ;)
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EX...............wait for it...................AMS

Posted over 5 years ago by NeonRainboww
So.......I had exams yesterday and today. Tomorrow is the last day. And tomorrow's exams are way hard. Well, except for Christ...
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family members dieing

Posted over 5 years ago by sarahrules124_1874887
My brother and i were really close and he died so please if ur into praying for people leave a comment with a prayer for me on ...
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World Peace

Posted over 5 years ago by ihateadvice
put this on my board if you want it to
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selling candy

Posted over 5 years ago by lyric2000
Iam selling chocolate chrisip,almond, caramel,milk chocolate its a 1dollar. So tired
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how old you havet to be to get a boyfriend

Posted over 5 years ago by babydoll78_2004651
i think you should be 14 and up
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Posted over 5 years ago by treal561_2004522
why do football players get hit then get up all fast lyk nothin happin
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my best friend

Posted over 5 years ago by banana2000
my best friend is leaving to texas and i dont think that i like him but ill probably feel sad and lonely when he leaves because...
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My Holiday To Sydney 2011

Posted over 5 years ago by hotospot
It was lots of fun, got to see lots of friends. Went with mum, dad, and little brother. We drove there. It took ten hours. We s...
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