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Live To Be Alive.

I think everyone should be ...
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Do people actually read the...
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My life as a big sister

Hey everyone Lila here! I a...
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Story of my life...

When i was born, i had a he...
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I like all the animals in t...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted about 6 years by tianna671_2010073


well you see i have this friend and she k]like this boy and he dont know that she like him but then she will telll md that NO i...

love day

Posted about 6 years by farri_1668706


hey guys, guess what?! ITS almost VALENTINES DAY! what are you gonna get fo yo lover? sadly i don't have one this year,but tha...

Random thang! C:

Posted about 6 years by littleflutegirl123


97% of all teen girls would freak and have a mental breakdown if Justin Bieber was on top of a skyscraper saying he was gonna j...

I think

Posted about 6 years by Katy pary2002


What i think is having free sunday in FL JOIN ME

Tryin 2 talk

Posted about 6 years by timahboo123_2016370


Today Simone was tryin 2 talk 2 me. She did pretty good 2day but at the end of the day she told me dat this gurl Ashley said th...


Posted about 6 years by rayray7171

Default girl

boys get the girl u want by giving her flowers, chocolate, or a sweet card thats wat i would want.


Posted about 6 years by darkshott53

Default guy

tell your parents to vote for the other person besides barrocko brama

Words -Poem

Posted about 6 years by XLoVEMiNNYMIX$


Words may get stuck in your heart as it mocks you. You try to say something but the words are stuck in your throat. I'm just sa...

justin bieber

Posted about 6 years by NICKIE369


dont be hatein on me i got the jb fever

im sorry

Posted about 6 years by mizzdezi_2018629


i said im sorry a million times and i told you not to do it but you still did now dont get mad when i wall out that door. sure ...

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