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it is about a my teacher wh...
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Just Some Song Lyrics

Title : No Control Lyr...
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Pulling the joke string

So my best friend came and ...
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Does anyone think Meghan Markle is fit for Prince Harry?

And have you seen the silly...
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Missing someone

I miss someone and i wish t...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted over 6 years by gpkfreak


I know that this is disgusting but i"m just bored and wanted to post something LOL. LMFAO!!!

my life

Posted over 6 years by HOTCHICK9


first of all every one should totally expresss them self dont let people push you or hurt you stand upp for urself and if someo...

I farted

Posted over 6 years by gpkfreak


I farted LOL right now one the computer LOL.


Posted over 6 years by arshanique_1970272


i hate girl who thank they all that.and is ugly

jurrasic park

Posted over 6 years by syney


have you ever seen jurassic park it was on last night! its sooooooooooooooooooo awsome you sould really see it peace!!!!!

my birthday

Posted over 6 years by matthew48j

Default guy

my birthday is the best day of my live because I get to get what a watever I want

5th class teacher

Posted over 6 years by bluelady21_2020725


dear bloggers i had a 5th class teacher called Mrs o ' Conner she was so mean and horrible.she gave us extra homework for ever...


do u all think that hacking is gud or bad?

super bowl

Posted over 6 years by syney


i cant belive its time for the super bowl already!!!!! i get to watch it on my neibors 42" flat screen tv!!!!!!!! and me and my...


Posted over 6 years by cocochlo


when there's snow there's fun in the air. Building a snowman going down really high hills on a sledge. its all very fun and fr...

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