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Posted over 4 years ago by ksweety
Thir mornin i wuz layin in my bed and sumthin said turn in the radio. I turned on the radio and they say "Beuoncè is in labor, ...
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How to Capture a Girl's Heart

Posted over 4 years ago by AyooItsTatii_1908066
Quick post, I came up with the idea about an hour ago 1) Call her beautiful and gorgeous, not hot and sexy 2) Call her baby or ...
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Posted over 4 years ago by Ambbiiee
Its Kinda like a Regret. ! i regret talking to him. one reason He broke the peice of my heart i had for him. ! He was special r...
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u da one(HOW I FEEL IN SONG)

Posted over 4 years ago by QueenB_EnvySwagg:)_1848696
You the one that I dream about all day You the one that I think about always You Are The One So I Make Sure I Behave! My love i...
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what i like to do

Posted over 4 years ago by Ben567
my life is great fun i get to do what ever i want my hobbies are football and sport fav tv progame phineas and ferb fav superh...
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Me and my younger sister!!

Posted over 4 years ago by alissathabest
Me and my sister are likee twins! I guess thats what everyone say! If u look at my pics u might see, but anyways we both luv ea...
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the word " SWAG "

Posted over 4 years ago by awsome308
people like to use the word swag ..... alot ! like for example : pretty boy swag swagger jagger and other phrases and songs a...
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mindless behavior

Posted over 4 years ago by lizzy401
i love proidgy,roc,rayray,princeton we on so baby come on.they r the best i love them.
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who got a december 30 b-day

Posted over 4 years ago by mara3pooh1ray
blog mi and tell mi
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swjsw b

Posted over 4 years ago by livvygirl789
ohhhh its so hot today! hitting the pools for a fun day out! hope it will cool me down. tomorrow is going to be even hotter! lo...
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