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Might be sad

I might feel sad for no rea...
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My bio

My bio always gets edited b...
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Power University

Hello I am new to this and ...
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Lego Weekly

Hi and welcome to the first...
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I would like to give a brie...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

valenntines day

Posted over 6 years by cookiejarjelly


valentines day is when u get 2 share ur love and also sometimes get married it just depends so ask will u be my valentine.


Make it Rain Make it Rain Ima Make it Rain and my mommy said im the best in town and my daddy said im the best all around and b...

child abuse

Posted over 6 years by motorcyclegirl18


a little boy went up to his mom one day and said mommy i wrote on ur sheets with lip stick:). as the mom was mad she beat the c...

Super Bowl 46

Posted over 6 years by cheerzgurl


Hey guys! I'm so psyched because the Giants are going to win the super bowl. It's the super bowl sequel because 4 years ago...

my life

Posted over 6 years by girlicous kea_1994570


i hate my life well not really but why in this world did it had to have bored ism if u ask somebody wassup they will say im bor...


Posted over 6 years by palmtree5454_1998822


we have had snow here in the uk but i want more,more!!!!!


Posted over 6 years by sassidy000


i perdict that the patroist are going to win the superbowl. the reasion y the giants are going to lose is cuz to me they stink.


Just trust the cards with good effects and create your deck.I did the same thing and i was undefeated 20-0


Posted over 6 years by ItsJustTheWayItGoes_2005303

Default girl

im kristan and this is the first time i have ever really been on here but when i start getting on more i will start saying diff...


Posted over 6 years by pop16


History of Candy The first to eat candy were the cavemen when they ate the honey from bee hives. 3500 years ago the Eg...

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