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Posted over 4 years ago by ks casy
ks casy
i am nice kind boy lover and sometimes weird i do not know why i am weird so ask your selves
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Posted over 4 years ago by makayla7
kidzworld is so fun to chat to put pic on there its so fun to blog to play games to do homework thanks love makayla
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i luv mah besties :D

Posted over 4 years ago by -myusername-
I LUV YAH ASIA N' DASAUNA!!!! u guys protect me n' make me laugh! u guys have ur flaws, but ur still the best! always know i lu...
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Are you Done?

Posted over 4 years ago by PrincessTiana1215
Are you done already? Are you done embarssing me? Are you done makeing me feel so worthless? Are you done breaking my heart? Ar...
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Posted over 4 years ago by jrdiva2u
being upset is a practical emotion its a feeling you feel inside when your in a camotion being upset makes you feel angry it k...
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Im at the nail shop =D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted over 4 years ago by Always Mehh 123
Always Mehh 123
What a do girl
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Posted over 4 years ago by mcgrammerphd
Wow some people say that love is so easy. It's not that easy I get so annoyed by people that say it's so easy."Why do they say...
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fave songs

Posted over 4 years ago by yellow banna
yellow banna
jar of hearts your song flashing lights moves like jager one direction dynamite lego house love story kesha alesha dixon cooler...
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Holiday Weekend

Posted over 4 years ago by jrdiva2u
I Supa happy because of christmas and it almost in 3 day i will be downstairs openin presents w- my mom,sisters,and nephew heh...
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Posted over 4 years ago by hellokittieLOVE
merry christmas
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