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Harry potter!!!!!

Posted over 4 years ago by kkat144
Bein awesome right now.... Watching harry potter the deathly hollows part 1!!!!!!! On Christmas.... Kinda stronge I know but I ...
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nook color

Posted over 4 years ago by Leabadsgirl1
I got the nook color this christmas and its just like an ipad im actullay on it now and its amazing its better than the kindle ...
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who has bette fashioN BOYS ARE GIRL

Posted over 4 years ago by KamLovesU_1956609
Who. Has the most has the best fashion who has the best hairstyles who has better shoes who is,
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My Weekly Blog For All Those Kids Out There That Feel Rjected, Hurt, Angry, Depressed Or Like A Loser.

Posted over 4 years ago by shedevil101
I'm here to help. Do you feel different, unpopular, upset? Im here for you about all the stuff you can't ask ypur parents. Ther...
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A Christmas Message

Posted over 4 years ago by CutiePiez_1979269
On window panes, the icy frost Leaves feathered patters, crissed & crossed, But in our house the Christmas tree Is decorate...
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Posted over 4 years ago by cutiemomo
Hey people what did you get for Christmas? I got a basketball hoop, an camera tripod, and some games. I had a great Christmas a...
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Merry Merry Christmas Too All!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted over 4 years ago by sally133_1497886
I Hope every one has an great loving Christmas. And i hope you all got what you wanted for Christmas. And just in case you d...
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I Think Animals Make Me Feel Happy After A Bad Day...

Posted over 4 years ago by TheEvilKendra
I think that because I was depressed a little while ago about one of my retarded friends & when my dog named Bella walked i...
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what do u love and hate about christmas

Posted over 4 years ago by kevz123
Personly I hate when my family go crazy but ilove all the cool presents
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Posted over 4 years ago by Gamzee_1982020
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Last One To Say Bubbles Wins!!

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Its a never ending game!