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Yes it's true I am being bu...
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hi my name is Danielle Make...
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Blog 2

Aloha planet earth! How r u...
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MY lunch for a week completed

Thursday : rice with potato...
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my lunch for a week

Sunday: i ate macaroni sala...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted about 6 years by kitkat421


life is like a and it smiles back at you

dont let someone change u

Posted about 6 years by riddoc12


Dont let a friend or a boyfriend or a girlfriend chage u. Ur perfect the.way u r

Mindless Behavior

Posted about 6 years by swaggergal


I love this group so much!!!!!!! They have so much talent. My favorite people out of the group is Prodigy and Princeton:)

My Crazy Life

Posted about 6 years by MasqueradeSpeaker_2015008

Default girl

Alright, most of you see crazy lives on TV as series shows but for me my life is a nightmare, I have a crazy Aunt, four annoyin...

having weird dreams

Posted about 6 years by DaniellaChavez


dont you have weird dreams where someone you hate pops in a good dreams dont you well i do alot o_O they fill so desprate to go...

MY Birthday!

Posted about 6 years by tam100_1954228


my b-day is february 10 and i cant wait Eeh!


Posted about 6 years by person.-_2014151


Boys Have cuddies

Cheese Puffs

Posted about 6 years by person.-_2014151


I love Cheese Puffs They Are so Good And cheesy

my life

Posted about 6 years by emocece


hello im cece my life has been ruined because of cancer but im not the one with cancer its my brother it makes me cry every tim...


Posted about 6 years by omg32


swag omg I everything mindless

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