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Might be sad

I might feel sad for no rea...
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My bio

My bio always gets edited b...
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Power University

Hello I am new to this and ...
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Lego Weekly

Hi and welcome to the first...
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I would like to give a brie...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


When I was in 1 grade they had a talent show. My talent was dancing. So I picked michael jackson Bille Jean.It was my turn 2 g...


Posted over 6 years by nascarawesome_1777805


Do you like snow?


Yesterday i was waiting in my mom's car with my sis and two people in their teens broke out into a lightsaber battle in the mid...

Stop Bullying

Posted over 6 years by nascarawesome_1777805


If you wanna help stop bullying You need to : Tell an adult Stand up for the person being bullied But never fight back cause th...


Posted over 6 years by jamee5623


cheerlading is fun but you have to work real hard and sometimes it is fun if you have nice coaches and if you do competative it...

funny codes of the day

Posted over 6 years by hotty555

Default girl

Today's funny code of the day is gloop

kiran naik

Posted over 6 years by Aishwarya the fairy_1847874


a big disaster in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hope i will not see his face ever in my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!he is toooooooo...


Posted over 6 years by :PSiLlY


how are there people that really like school i mean school stands SIX CRAPY HOURS OF OUR LIVES. In school i get good grades bu...


Posted over 6 years by amandae100_2013655


hey im amanda im 12. ima actress singer, dancer, and i want to bea model. yeah im new here so pleeaase friend me and chat me th...


Posted over 6 years by Fyre_1987086


So this boy at the country club followed me to the YMCA and was hiding behind a table. So we went to golf on Monday he was ther...

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