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hey guys this is my first i...
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oh no

Ugh ! tommarow school and n...
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My life

My life is about school
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night is cold

ahhh cold freezing lol nigh...
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fun at the summer

hi guys ! came from the bea...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted about 6 years by BOO-THANG123_2007745


I love playin basketball,basketball is my fav. sport in the whole world ,my favorite team of all is MIAMI HEAT! ! ! !


Posted about 6 years by DJ swagg147_1999216


who think mb rock


Posted about 6 years by DJ swagg147_1999216


who think justen b sticks


Posted about 6 years by Dani11_1927006

Default girl

Girls you know guys say they like you and you fall for that stuff Thayer say well now I want to hear what you girls and guys ha...

my profile pic

Posted about 6 years by lacrossegirl237


if anyone my profile picture u can just go on my wed face and click on mangna yourself and create what look looks most like u a...

stuff bout me

Posted about 6 years by souja boy 123


i do my best to swagg, i sing good, ...

The Mall

Posted about 6 years by sylviacloe4488_2006042


Have you ever been in the mall or wat ever and u see a cute guy/girl and u want to say hi or ask out and then when u want to th...


it so sad how jacob broke down crying when bella was died

with my cuz

Posted about 6 years by colbie


OMG it has been sooooo much fun with my cuz we r watching fred the movie but its over now its really funny!!!!!! I DONT KNOW T...


Posted about 6 years by MakeMeSomePancakes_2004277


One time you may think like you've found the right person for you, but in reality you only think you have. You get sucked into ...

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