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Posted over 5 years ago by bigdope101
u can call me ugly but u cant call me BROKE
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Long week

Posted over 5 years ago by jdbrock
Its so tiring just had two whole days at school before the weekend. I think I'll recover over the weekend tho. Got soccer prac...
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(:Anything u want 2 know about me!!!(:

Posted over 5 years ago by ZoeyPattison
Heyyy guys it's me zoey Pattison & I wanted u 2 know moree about me so here ya go! read all u want about me!!!! IM A HHUUG...
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My favorite part

Posted over 5 years ago by duckymomo13_1989129
i just hate taking down the christmas tree it makes me sad the house is emty like i feel like crying. the presents r played wit...
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What I Gotta Do This Weekend

Posted over 5 years ago by super girl 12_1756843
super girl 12_1756843
1- Go shopping. 2- Water the garden. 3- Go partying. 4- Go swimming. 5- Have a sleepover. It is gonna be so much fun
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Posted over 5 years ago by swift10
ugh tennis on tv
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my group!!

Posted over 5 years ago by Little_miss_S
my first and new group is called celebrity gossip!! i hope you like it!! not only i can post or comment things about celebritie...
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surrfff and swagg

Posted over 5 years ago by lil Faithy
lil Faithy
there was one day when me and my friends were on a bus goin to a party and then the bus was gettin bumby and i saw a surrfing ...
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hes only wachin the apples !!!!

Posted over 5 years ago by lil Faithy
lil Faithy
there was a little day care at church, and in the lunch room they were severing apples so the teacher said "only take one apple...
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endles love

Posted over 5 years ago by slowlaptop
who likes the song endless love coz i do
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