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Lego Weekly

Hi and welcome to the first...
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I would like to give a brie...
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My brother

I don‘t think I‘ll EVER be ...
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# 40

i'm supposed to be revising...
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Fear street books my top 5 favorites

1 the betrayal 2 the best ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted over 6 years by a rockzz_1947164


We will lose our ATTENTION . Then we are in total CONFUSION and we'll feel IRRITATION .This may spoil our personal RELATIONS .

Crue ship crash

Posted over 6 years by DJ47_2005515


I'm sad i just herd about a crue ship crashing hiting a reef:(

1/2 day

Posted over 6 years by princesshellokitty16_2004046


its a 1/2 day 2day.....i feel great......


Posted over 6 years by mia3you


school is so fun


Posted over 6 years by mia3you


i love fridays


Princeton.austin and rayray You have lost your minds! Hello Wake up I'm going to tell you all exctatly what the he// is ur prob...

new frndzzzz......

Posted over 6 years by evabrooks_2003262


hey guys, i need sum frndsss coz m new here???hELp....i luv makin frndzzz....lol


me sometimes holly sometimes bolly


These people are my best friends, and if you mess with them I'LL KILL YOU. now that thats out of the way, an introduction to th...


Posted over 6 years by Pinkluvbug16


Love is Bad and it is great.sometimes you wish love was never made,but after you discover your true love, you love love. lets ...

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