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hiii all I have been here f...
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my favourite subject

my favourite subject is sc...
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Hello, I collect antiques w...
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My Experience With Art Classes

Hi! I'm pretty new here, so...
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This is my blog

So coollllll
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Christina is my best friend. She actually cares about me. She makes me happy when I'm sad, we play fight a lot, we share our fo...


this school year is the best of alll


Why the heck was Inez & Shannon fighting over a french fry? Smh , Shannon through the french fry and Inez wanted to eat it....

How my day went.

Posted over 6 years by -Yolo.Swag(:_2002295


Soo , today. I woke up late but I still got to my bus on time. People are so loud & ghetto on my bus. It's annoying. Went t...

1-19-12 9:19 pm

Posted over 6 years by cookiemonsterluv


2 hrs and 50 mins till my b-day!! So yeah. Im on KW I feel old. EWWWWWWWWWW ...


Posted over 6 years by 1557dw_2005202


Posted over 6 years by hello1fame

Default girl

My fave sport is soccer i like to read and write. My fave subject is art. I have 1 bff she is my best one yet! we like to play ...


Posted over 6 years by crazehgurl12_1899702


Do you like waffles? I like waffles. WAFFLES!!! They are awesome, specially with syrup xD

Nothing Much

Posted over 6 years by malapeanut


I am so bored. I get NO messages and NONE of friends leave comments or talk to me. This site is boring!

Crude vids.

Posted over 6 years by SuperKoopa


One of my friends, midnalover28, has posted a super-duper crude video. It has to do with: Which one? A. Poo B. Number 1 If...

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