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To Be Honest...

Posted about 4 years ago by jrdiva2u
Well If the person i Can't ends up Reading My Last Blog...Idc If You Get Mad..And Try to Buck All I Know...Is That Why Do You J...
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I Don't Want To Kill My Family...

Posted about 4 years ago by TheEvilKendra
I don't want to kill my little brother anymore... We finally got along. The one I want to kill is my mom. She is the one causin...
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Austin Fuson

Posted about 4 years ago by austinlove158
I missing my baby. Nothing to do without him. He left me being sad. I wish I wass 16 so i could drive to his house. 5 more year...
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My new friend logan02468

Posted about 4 years ago by love2dance99
Oh my goodness last week me and logan02468 became friends. We chated in comments there would have been one hundred comments if...
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Posted about 4 years ago by TwilightSaga4eva276
I found a great story about a game called zipperhead the people ask the ? and then they have 10 chances {z-i-p-p-e-r- h-e-a-d}...
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Posted about 4 years ago by KatieRay
I luv mommy's hugs and kisses SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much i just luv them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY R SOOOOOOOOOOOO...
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justin bieber

Posted about 4 years ago by justinbieber#1beliber
plz join if u like justin bieber he is so cute plz join ONLY if u like him PLZ COMMENT ...
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my life

Posted about 4 years ago by sammydiva1
hey my name is sammydiva1 i love to dance,read,and i love to swim
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Posted about 4 years ago by gummybears rock
gummybears rock
Hey ppl need friends invite me if you think ur a cool person im new and need friends if your new add me
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" Be True To Your SELF "

Posted about 4 years ago by Willow Sm!th
Willow Sm!th
Its important to be TRUE to your self because its just Good to be you . being you is BEST dont let no one tell You thats WRONG.
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