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Join my roleplay!

Hi everyone,how are you? Re...
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kuwtk should Khloe leave Thompson?

hit me up
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A lot of people have been a...
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Modded SNES Classic!

Hey guys! I'm Aaron! Today ...
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My Life

I'm sixteen going on sevent...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

answer plez

Posted over 6 years by spidercorben


why do kids get home work

whats up?

Posted over 6 years by allthat


whats up?this is k.k. say whats up back!


Posted over 6 years by hippiemonkey


why do people argue its dumb and babyish people need to grow up

freinds gone mad!

Posted over 6 years by allthat


once in third grade, a girl named nakiyah thought i was trying to stabb here back!i now,stopid right!any whais,at reses,she rot...

My life

Posted over 6 years by Lily Tyler


Dad, I love u So much, and Even though, ur a Rock Star Daddy Doesnt mean u get what ever u want. Lol! I'm just going to have to...

anyone here

Posted over 6 years by risingstar1018


soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bored


Posted over 6 years by PweetySummSkinn_1972655


My Name Is Starr If Yhuu Aint Knoo Now Sume Ppl R Ded Fkes Lykee Yy Yhuu On Here Cuz Yhuu Desperate && d Needahh Boiifr...


Posted over 6 years by sina dat star_1498739


school hav been goin by fast but it needs to go by faster i need me time i me time includs all things i want to do n schools n...

im so bored

Posted over 6 years by jkorine

Default girl

im so bored who wants to chat with me

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