Show Ur Talent

Posted over 3 years ago by Katara1014
Wen u all r really talented, but u r 2 scared 2 show them that, follow these rules. 1. Brethe in and out 5 times slowly so u c...
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Posted over 3 years ago by xXxaaronxXx
august like8 2011 welcm
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When Do You Start School Back Again

Posted over 3 years ago by jes25
Hey Everyone I Am Homeschooled And I Was Just Wondering When Do You All start School Back Up Again
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Posted over 3 years ago by niseypoo
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comedy 3

Posted over 3 years ago by howler gaia_1864774
howler gaia_1864774
OMG OMG OMG!i'm gonnaa die!wait...oh is me is me howler.this is the theerd i mean third comedy...
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Posted over 3 years ago by pretty gorl rocker
pretty gorl rocker
i speak my mind, never mind what i speak
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Posted over 3 years ago by blackangel758
huskys are a great dogs u could get it now best dogs everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
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The rest of the summer!!!! IF you got anything to say about ur summer say it here:)

Posted over 3 years ago by CherryLOL:)_1866262
I had fun this summer:) Can't wait to go back and see my besties at school
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Posted over 3 years ago by blackopsmaster11
my family is moving so i am so happy about it
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neva fake

Posted over 3 years ago by StaTruRod
im rod im twelve. im tru im gangsta i neva sniched im loyal and im a loving guy wat u see i see i go thru wut u go tru that wut...
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