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hiii all I have been here f...
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my favourite subject

my favourite subject is sc...
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Hello, I collect antiques w...
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My Experience With Art Classes

Hi! I'm pretty new here, so...
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This is my blog

So coollllll
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

next hou 5th

Posted over 6 years by CHY'REAUNDA16_1997477


well abt to go gotta go civics klass so funnieee but work to do nt up for dat but got to go then luch im hurngy....


Posted over 6 years by CHY'REAUNDA16_1997477


tired sick ready to go hme to more 3 more hour then have to go to da gym im sick these tryn jump my sista i dnt play that thats...

who is a friend?

Posted over 6 years by benjamin109_1775216


A friend is some one you can relie on some one who is all ways there for you some one who will help you at your time of need.I...

pink eye

Posted over 6 years by Miley1212


i got an pink eye so i just came out of school early btw i have to go to the doc : D i like it because shots feel good and i ge...


Posted over 6 years by Guts2002


ahh im at school doing this aahhh so bored

Down to the water hole

Posted over 6 years by jdbrock


Just got back from school. Rushing out to go swimming down at the local pool.Hope it isn't too crowded. Asked Adam but he's got...


Posted over 6 years by sweet67


I love to read.

im so happy

Posted over 6 years by Lilprincesses


im so happy i want to run to the icream truck an di am so hapy that is is a new year i cant wait 4 summer to go to a pool party


Posted over 6 years by kim789_1783127


new day new year new people u better pick the right friends

Scary Movies

Posted over 6 years by smart alexia_1919149


Did you ever watch Halloween with Michael Meyers? Will i did. Every scary movie have theme music with it,Because thats what ...

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