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Posted over 5 years ago by maddeylubsu
Today was the last day of school in middle of no where small town ! Our Superintendent is really a jack ! We have to say Dr._...
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me modeling

Posted over 5 years ago by babygirls12899
1.) i love to model 2.) me and my aunt model together
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do u like haters

Posted over 5 years ago by SlimThick3
i dont i cant stand haters i swear they be gettting mad over my swagg ayye they be geeting jelous over my azz lol
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Random things to say in a minute

Posted over 5 years ago by Nikkii_aka_sweet_1802404
wat are some random things yu can come up with in a minute if yu knw then put it here in less thn a minute lol ;)
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i need a favor

Posted over 5 years ago by bubblepants
i need a lot of things before 2012 i need 1000 friends i need 2000 friend and more so who ever can post as many friend requst g...
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cute boys

Posted over 5 years ago by hamm27
i know a really cute boy he is in my church
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Posted over 5 years ago by cutiemomo
Heyyyy comment on my profile boys.
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about my friends

Posted over 5 years ago by mrs.laurie
my friends are pretty fun and cool really dont have a problem with them they do so alot of drama and i hate fake friends so jus...
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Posted over 5 years ago by Lizard87
Christmas is soon!!I'm so excited
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internet stalkers

Posted over 5 years ago by mrs.laurie
when you are on the internet dont date on less you know that person because if you dont they might stalk you so you better not ...
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