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hi guys !!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg u...
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hey guys this is my first i...
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oh no

Ugh ! tommarow school and n...
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My life

My life is about school
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night is cold

ahhh cold freezing lol nigh...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

mindless behavior

Posted over 6 years by charniqua11


i love you all


Posted over 6 years by CutiePiez_1979269


Preps..Some of us call them valley girls,girlie girls,popular girls,or they have a name for their group. But when it comes stra...

True Love

Posted over 6 years by CutiePiez_1979269


Is there a such thing as true love? I am beginning to think not. I know it is hard to choose the right person and some people I...


Posted over 6 years by CutiePiez_1979269


Some homework can be fun,while others are dumb. It depends on how you look at it. I have taken three to four hours out of my da...

The First Fleet

Posted over 6 years by Greg9


Between 1788 and 1850 the English sent over 162,000 convicts to Australia in 806 ships. The first eleven of these ships are tod...

im bored

Posted over 6 years by Allie_Jay23_1967836


If u wana chat or sum just post a comment on my page


Posted over 6 years by Greg9


A life cycle is a period involving all different generations of a species succeeding each other through means of reproduction, ...


Posted over 6 years by kayzam

Default guy

just turn 15 and hope to save $ 4 a car how to make some $ got some way?


Posted over 6 years by babybash101_1913015


Everyone has dreams.Everyone has feelings. Everyone has chances. Everyone has loves. Everyone has thoughts. Everyone has wishes...


Posted over 6 years by AnnKim


I need some cupcakes. ASAP

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