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Taylor Swift

Posted almost 6 years ago by playing319
Taylor Swift is a fun, loving girl who has a taste in music. her music is contry/pop/rock sometimes! i recomend her music on a ...
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Kids saftey on the internet!!!

Posted almost 6 years ago by jasmine0310
Hi guys, I have reten a reveiw on why you should keep safe on your computer!!! HERE ARE MY 5 TOP TIPS ON HAW TO KEEP SAFE ON T...
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Posted almost 6 years ago by simonestrawberry_1987874
Do any of you like anime or even LOVE it?? Well I sure do :3 Do you?
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Single guyz!!

Posted almost 6 years ago by *yoboijaelon*_1987553
Wtf u get on chat and start sayin u single and u see all these fine a$$ girls got me and yall keep askin u wanna go out with me...
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My Seme!!

Posted almost 6 years ago by Makiee
I just got a Seme!! His name is Grey (OnlyInDarkness) He's amazing.. I feel safe and don't fear anything when Im around him. I ...
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Jean Rush- 'First Light' Unauthorized Sequel to the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn

Posted almost 6 years ago by Gagasmonster123
I HIGHLY recommend this book for 12+ because it is such an amazing love story from Renesmee's point of view 3 years later in A...
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Posted almost 6 years ago by bo1019
i dont lhike wen people b n mii fhacede n da nxt dae dey b wanna 2 thalk bout people so all u fake people stay away dis a new y...
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THIS IS SO WEIRD!!! Read, Minecrafters!

Posted almost 6 years ago by prppydawg294
Okay, so I was on an old world, messing around on an old texture pack that hasn't been updated yet. I saw a block that looked l...
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Posted almost 6 years ago by dramster_1913639
is it proper to love at a tender age and have bf and gf
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about blog

Posted almost 6 years ago by LECYPIE
blogs are
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Try to be kind to others!

The person below me


~Nashita(@brilliantstudent) bids Goodbye~

~Nashita(@brilliantstudent) bids Goodbye~

Try to be kind to others!

~Nashita(@brilliantstudent) bids Goodbye~

~Nashita(@brilliantstudent) bids Goodbye~

The person below me

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