Posted almost 4 years ago by $asha!__1919799
Why Are Boy's So freakinq cute?! Post what yhu have to say right here!
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Posted almost 4 years ago by cutefrog1011
my name is emily in 10 yeaes old i like hagging out and smiling i love all:)
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The Real Wonders Of The World

Posted almost 4 years ago by Soralise
Helloha guys :) First time blogger. Today it rained. I started to think what really are wonders of the world. Sure, the Taj M...
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in middle skool

Posted almost 4 years ago by Beiberfever5350
im in middle skool alreadii ii go thew higland middle skool in louisville kentuckyy ii luv it but the boiz rr freaks der ii a...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by *Asianlovesyou*_1868934
well to is kinna boring...didnt get to go anywhere...:( hopefully tomorrow though i would be really happy and get to hang w...
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Fell Off today :(

Posted almost 4 years ago by wafflequeen221
I was cantering uo to a jump on Star when he bombed it over to the fence and jumped into the field beside my house and then qui...
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Posted almost 4 years ago by Madlittleperson1
Hi i need to talk to puppylover2211 right now please
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Its the new version now baby

Posted almost 4 years ago by MIMI THE BADDEST 1
Yay I got a new bf he is the most sexiest guy I ever met his name is mr.toosexii I love him with all my heart and he is the mos...
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girl friend

Posted almost 4 years ago by bailiebullet
who has a girl friend and i have a felling that some one likes WHO LIKES ME JUST SAY SO
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sweet life

Posted almost 4 years ago by hay5081
hi my name is haley im 12 years old and livin life im athletic im in love with softball and laser tag my fav food is pizza and ...
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