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"Natures first green is gol...
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i start to like some one help me

can some one help to tell m...
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hey guys! today is my lille...
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4/25/2018 what im doing today

I woke up and went to the b...
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Being Mixed

This is what people ask me ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

girls read this now!

Posted over 6 years by meggylove_1986100


one girl has been talkin to me about all this stuff that im not and not allowed to tell you but some 16 year olds need guys now...


The divas are fun, creative, talented, pretty, courageous,smart, and so many other things we definetly luv our fans. ABOUT THE...


i wanna go back to school but i don't like i miss al my friends but i don't wanna go back to doing all that work and i really d...

My Blog :)

Posted over 6 years by hannieexxx


Hello, today was as usual a boring day at school. It felt like it was going to go on forever. When i got home it was dark as it...

told ya so

Posted over 6 years by jenster2000


I told ya I could keep at least the 1st Resoloution.(or I didn,t but I thourght it) Lol. Anyway so far I've posted 2 times in 2...


Posted over 6 years by luvdove425


hello. so tv has become a big deal these days. there are more important things to do than to look at a whole bunch of moving pi...

Adam was sick

Posted over 6 years by jdbrock


Adam mitched off school today. Claimed he was too sick, but he looked ok when I visited him at home. I told him not to worry ab...


good it is goood to be nice it is bad to use innaprioate words

ages of my family

Posted over 6 years by ziggyzoozoo


My mums 39 My dads 44 My sister Jodie is 11 my other sister is 12 and i am 7


This is a post about my creepy encounters with the paranormal. #1: when I was about 10 I was lying in bed trying to fall asle...

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