Posted over 3 years ago by loveme1099
i love my family and have a lot of family************
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Kids World's Weather Report

Posted over 3 years ago by Rocky2245
Another storm tonight!! When will it end? Right now outside it Is: 72 degrees. For more info: I'll be back later.
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Justin Bieber

Posted over 3 years ago by blogleader
Hello, now i am NOT a Belieber. Beliebers are to be respected and I completely do. It is thier opinion whether or not they lik...
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nothing in particular

Posted over 3 years ago by xXFireFlashXx
ok, im so fricking bored.... anybody out there like vampires? totally random.. listening to music.... practicing guitar.. nothi...
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mindless behavior

Posted over 3 years ago by jade8956
I lOVE MINDLESS BEHAVIOR.I love them because their cute.My favorite is prod.But i still love all of them because their best fri...
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Becoming a Vet/Loving Animals

Posted over 3 years ago by Mineymic
When I finish school and move out I'm gonna go to collage and become a vet because i love animals. I mean who doesnt love anim...
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i love my girlfriend

Posted over 3 years ago by block
every time when i talk to her she nice.beatiful,fine
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Mom Leaving for two weeks

Posted over 3 years ago by Mineymic
My mom just left this morning for mississippi. I'm staying with my grandma. I might go to the mall make videos of my self being...
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Aug 21

Posted over 3 years ago by Andrew.Rockcrystal
Hi Readers Of My Blog-post things. Today is August, 21, 2011, (Disregard that statement if it's on any other date, :D ) So t...
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August 21,2011 the day before school:)

Posted over 3 years ago by lilfox92
Tommrow is school im so happy because i get too see my friends all over again and i like this boy his name is leron and i get t...
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