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hi you should know me i am ...
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I'm so confused with litera...
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1st post!

Hey everyone! So today I'm ...
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People and there words

so this is just a little in...
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I love listening to songs! ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

I am so so happy

Posted over 6 years by Sammysam14_1988269


I got a iPad!!!!!!


Posted over 6 years by RandomMuch_1986588


Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue, Did U know I Really Love U,

Its Funny

Posted over 6 years by RandomMuch_1986588


Its Funny How U Break Up With A Boy And They Get A Girl To Make U Mad Cause I was Listening To Mindless Behavior And I Though...

i dont understand

Posted over 6 years by Sweethart13_1939114


i dont understand wat it is but everytime i get close to a boy they always to leave me i got close to one guy with a 3 moth tim...

me singing

Posted over 6 years by crasychick

Default girl

I can really sing if i aint shy to sing in front of you


As you all know, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are in a relationship. Some people make fun of Selena and hate her just because...

BF3 is better than MW3!

Posted over 6 years by DragonBall755


Hi guys, im dragonball755. I hope you like my picture! I was gonna talk about games, first of all shooting games. I was gonna s...

My Toy News

Posted over 6 years by selena623


i have a toy dog named cookie i got her for christmas but one thing she is having surgery this week and i have to find new batt...


. when imet him ; we didn ' t like eachother . . now , we in love with one another ! . ilovehim with all my heart . . he is my ...


Posted over 6 years by flyguy1233


i am 10 i live in maryland usa i have a couple of systems i like to dance i like to travel alot

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