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My life

My life is about school
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night is cold

ahhh cold freezing lol nigh...
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fun at the summer

hi guys ! came from the bea...
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funat the summer

hi guys ! lol came back fro...
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Im Very Lazy To Write Anyth...
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about blog

Posted over 6 years by LECYPIE


blogs are


the pize is ticket to any play

a little about me

Posted over 6 years by natnat143


Hi I am Natalie, I am 10 years old and very smart for my age so if u think I'm crazy because i go through adult situ...


I wasn't everbody lookin at me that time so stay back from them they keep follow one body saod I love u driea and another anoth...

Just saying

Posted over 6 years by PrincessTiana1215


Control Your Jelously B'tch, Because I Can't Control My Temper. hah. Don't Get It Twisted. Get It Right. I Did It Better, Did...

Fantasy Tour♥

Posted over 6 years by PrincessTiana1215


Fantasy Tour is the name of my tour It starts January 17th,2012 Starting In Manhattan And ending on June 30th,2012 Im not spoil...


Posted over 6 years by purpleblossom

Default girl

in morning when i got up from bed, i looked at the clock. it was 8' o clock on it. i brushed my teeth, changed my dress and ate...

Default girl

my friend says she's a good singer than me. well, she didn't earn a single rank. i had earn 7 ranks. but still she says she's ...


Aww. If you have heard,Katy and Russel are getting a divorce. Many of her veiwers, of her hit song The One That Got Away think ...

being a nice person

Posted over 6 years by Ladybug19


heyyyyyyyyyy i am a nice person i hate fighting and i juss dont sooooo dont start a fight and we r going to be juss find ok sh...

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