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About me

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Live To Be Alive.

I think everyone should be ...
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Do people actually read the...
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My life as a big sister

Hey everyone Lila here! I a...
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Story of my life...

When i was born, i had a he...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

Default girl

This is my first story so please tell me what you think! Chapter 1 Caitlin's P.O.V. ...

searching for gf

Posted over 6 years by deepak888


searching for gf


Posted over 6 years by YoungFoolishHappy


I know none of you care about it. My middle name is Virginia.Alyson Virginia My middle name is Virginia because my parents foun...


Posted over 6 years by pazzyg333_1950047


i am soo ill i got a headache feel like im gonna be sick and i have the runs lol :p i think i might be allergic to somet...


Posted over 6 years by iamawesomegirl


Who else is a very young artist? I mean 10-14 years of age. I'm not saying that you are the best artist who has the most experi...

I miss u

Posted over 6 years by lizzy156_1983203


I miss all.my.friends I miss u.guys


Posted over 6 years by lizzy156_1983203


I hope u have a happyyy new years Eve

winter break

Posted over 6 years by gabsolot


getting bored of the break.do not want to write right noe looking for friends

My bf

Posted over 6 years by lizzy156_1983203


I love my.bf emilio

Blogging at 4AM

Posted over 6 years by AyooItsTatii_1908066


Yes thats right, it's almost 4am and I'm still awake. That's because I woke up super late. At almost 4PM so no surprise there. ...

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