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Posted almost 5 years ago by princesszb1999
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mb yall

Posted almost 5 years ago by arimes
i love mb they inspire me to make my dreams come true to be a singer so since they inspired me i will incourage them stay mindl...
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11/24/11 (Thanksgiving Day)

Posted almost 5 years ago by How about Jake?
How about Jake?
Hello People! Yeah, I just blogging is a girly thing to do, but who cares? First thing is first-Hey Morons, I'm sorry I'm not ...
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this is me

Posted almost 5 years ago by Hot Chick24
Hot Chick24
my favorite classes r math,languagearts and p.e. we just had a fun time at thanksgiving wacthing a gaga thanksgiving! she ne...
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High Schools

Posted almost 5 years ago by Zoey_Love
I hate it when parents make choices for you.It's my life and i control it! Parents need to learn that i can make my own decisio...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by peps44
What is life? Life is to live the way you want and to take whateva risks you want. Life is to do things you might not know ho...
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Happy Turkey Day!

Posted almost 5 years ago by funkykoala
Yummm just had an AWESOME dinner with family super stuffed!Getting for BUM BUM BUM BUUUUUUMMMMM..........BLACK FRIDAY! ...
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First Blog

Posted almost 5 years ago by cheerchic22_1637406
Hey there just sittin' on the couch at the computer just saw The Muppets it wasn't really my choice i wanted to see Breaking Da...
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Dear Kayel

Posted almost 5 years ago by ChrisRocks_1954923
Deat Kayel, your a friend of mine and you're not unloved. Maybe your parents just have a hard time expressing their love. I thi...
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Posted almost 5 years ago by Haley 10-11
Haley 10-11
skyscraper is the best dang song you will ever hear from Demi yea shes had like other totaly awesome songs but skyscraper is th...
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