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Well Done Justin

Posted about 5 years ago by Cool girl1045
Cool girl1045
Justin Bieber is good Because when I went to his consert guest what he was fantastic if your on here Justin I just wan...
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Question of the Week (11/26/11)

Posted about 5 years ago by HeartRocker
K so first I'm gonna explain wat this is all about. Every Saturday or Sunday (depends wen im not busy) I will post a new questi...
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Posted about 5 years ago by swag-!boy3_1957640
was up do i got da big flow spit low rhymes nocking at my door spit chymes like bustah rhymes u wanna see me look at your tv i...
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Friends Wanted

Posted about 5 years ago by TheRealImmortal01
Need friends around my age. friend me!
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Being Bored

Posted about 5 years ago by eZeesarZ.harrypotter99
I'm writing to say that I'm really bored. I like cheese. ;) I just went Christmas Shopping today, and i got such good gifts fo...
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Wen ii Twiisted Mhu Leg

Posted about 5 years ago by tiffanydabestest
Oka.......dis how idt started i was running nd ii did a round off...nd i slipped in sum water nd twisted mhu foot nd lyke a goo...
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choices written by musicluv23

Posted about 5 years ago by musicluv23
i never thought that id be here standing side by side whith the future in our hands so many dreams so many plans i always knew ...
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11/25/11 Post

Posted about 5 years ago by izzy_my_kitty
Hey guys! So today I went to the mall and went shopping cuz my mom said I was being so good with my chores for the last few mon...
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Posted about 5 years ago by kaishell
I love tigers. Tigers are very smart and cute. Check out my tiger pics. Tigers are also so my favorite big cat. I hate it when ...
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To JennyBaby aka Jenny , My sister

Posted about 5 years ago by PrincessTiana1215
Jenny your amazing your my sister 4 lyfe i got you back and i know you got mine im going to always be there for you i love ...
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The person below me

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The person below me

The person below me

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