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hiii all I have been here f...
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my favourite subject

my favourite subject is sc...
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Hello, I collect antiques w...
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My Experience With Art Classes

Hi! I'm pretty new here, so...
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This is my blog

So coollllll
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

My Christmas

Posted over 6 years by Rocky2245


I loved my christmas it was so fun and funny. I got a ring, banglets, pj's and clothes, Mini lotions, headbands, a new phone (m...

my awesome self

Posted over 6 years by person_72


the akward moment wen u try to tickle some one and they are not tickelish

new year

Posted over 6 years by alissa123.9

Default girl

what are you doing on new year? I'm going to rocky moutain park inn.


Posted over 6 years by cutieboii1995_1702351


hey peepz

Unbearible life

Posted over 6 years by scene_X_queen_1955162


Too start off with I am not such a perfect person I used to be in trouble all the time with the cops I used to be such an ungra...


Posted over 6 years by Tori2150

Default girl

Soooooo bored I'm just doing this on the iPad 2 that I got for Christmas


I just found out today that my best friends dog got put down :( :( :( :( I feel SOOOOOSOOOOSOOOOSOOOOSOOOOSOOOO bad for her!!!!...

ur answer??

Posted over 6 years by clubistiano15


if you love me , let me know if not , please gently let me go......

do it!!

Posted over 6 years by shizuka_1839419


People call another guy fat. No one knows he has a serious disease causing him to be overweight People call an old man ugly. N...

P. Diddy While I Dougie

Posted over 6 years by IMKRBRO_1976219


(Jerking Song) Sorry my brother, heard ya girl really loved Told her my name now she hold me lik a ...

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