Waats Wronq Whidd Dem' ?

Posted over 3 years ago by Aero'dd Out . x3
Aero'dd Out . x3
Ayoo. Sometimes I Feel Likee Wth Did I Do Wronqq ? (: Ihym Alwaays Ghettinn Into Somee Troublee Ova Waat ? I Dnnt Even Knoow . ...
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wanna chat???

Posted over 3 years ago by Angie:}
If you keep getting banned from chat by doing nothing much.Then why not chat whith comments search users from every where.Comme...
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Hansel and Gretel :3

Posted over 3 years ago by GummyBears.Cant.Bite.
Is it wrong that Hansel and Gretel was my favourite childhood story? My mom thinks so :D I'd always laugh at the part where t...
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Girls Dreams in wonderland

Posted over 3 years ago by kimigirl
I was just walking down the dark hallway then i saw the love of my life hug my enemy i fell into my shadows just like that girl...
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selena and demi

Posted over 3 years ago by MZ.KERI 21
i like selena and demi both they are great role models for kids........selena is a great person and i think her songs can be ba...
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Posted over 3 years ago by Beautiful_x3
Add meee :)
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Posted over 3 years ago by xoxoxo-gabby-xoxoxo
i love love but sometimes it can be heartbreaking i just want it to be perfect n i just got my heart broken n wish i neva said ...
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randome poem : love story 4 the loney

Posted over 3 years ago by kimigirl
looking at the window seeing the rain drips and drops as i lied on my preety pink bed "it so soft" i fell asleep i dreamed so...
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Beyonce Knowles

Posted over 3 years ago by diva101_princess
From her early childhood, Beyoncé Knowles wanted to be more than a performer: she wanted to be a superstar. By the age of twent...
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my kw friends

Posted over 3 years ago by cameron h
cameron h
why dont you guysever get on any more cause i have no one to talk to any more and get bored
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