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I like all the animals in t...
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hi guys !!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg u...
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hey guys this is my first i...
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oh no

Ugh ! tommarow school and n...
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My life

My life is about school
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.

my hair

Posted over 6 years by NerdyandCute101


everythings fine execpt 4 this bbbbbbiiiiiiiiig bow lol....im not a girly girl duuhhhhh


Wow 2 days after Christmas and I am already seeing dark clouds. o.o So everything is good today, I cleaned up the house, and it...

Xbox360 vs. Wii

Posted over 6 years by Aprilrocks4102_1973665

Default girl

What do you think is better? The Xbox 360 or the Wii? Post your answer and state your reason why!


Posted over 6 years by melanas_dream_1955583


Look i no no one likes vegetables(i think). They are made to make your life very miserable. Thais when i grow up to be presiden...


Posted over 6 years by melanas_dream_1955583


paper. I no it sounds dull. But paper is a life saver. You write on it. Step on it. You can even use it to hide yourself from t...


Posted over 6 years by coolgirl3217

Default girl

hey everybody i don't have that much friends so please friend me!

Boy trouble

Posted over 6 years by coolgirl3217

Default girl

I have a boy i like in school but i kinda like him but if he finds out he won't be my friend what should i do?I f u have sugges...

My songs

Posted over 6 years by biebernot


Hang There Sister Today's all pulling nappies, shouting at your mum and dad and getting late ready for school. Have anyone see ...


YAY ! Today Is My Sister Khadijah's Birthday ! She's Finally 15 , Damn She Getting Old ! Haha JK (: Buh Then That Means Im Next...

Mindless Behavior

Posted over 6 years by MrzzRoyal1_1972254


Mindless Behavior is so finee, this is the order of finee 1 Roc Royal 2 Princeton 3 RayRay 4Prodigy

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