Waiting for the barbie starts!

Posted 3 days ago by Charulata
Hello kw members. Today I'm waiting till the film '' Barbie in a mermaid'' start. It will start at 20:00 and I will wait and wa...
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Ebola In The US

Posted 3 days ago by _savannah01
Yeah, Ebola is pretty serious. The whole US and everyone is talking about it. The worst thing about it is that the symptoms don...
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Annoying Sisters

Posted 3 days ago by lover131
Oh my gosh,she cant get anymore annoying than she is.If you ever get a sister,enjoy it while you can because she will mess with...
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I love my best friend

Posted 3 days ago by Love_Nora
I love my best friend he's funny cute kind nice and always knows what to say it would be cool if he was reading this but probly...
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My annoying little brother

Posted 3 days ago by Hello367
My annoying litttle brother is so annoying that is why i call him annoying he pulls my hair as well as my little sister. He goe...
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Star Stable Online -Horse- Game

Posted 3 days ago by Kittychan78
I Need Help with Names i have for a new pony HELP ME PLEASE ANYONE!. - if you play this game please feel free to let me no :) ....
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All About Me

Posted 3 days ago by xXKittyCandyLuvXx
Hello. My name is Miha, but call me Raymesis. I'm 11 years old and I'm a tomboy. My favorite game is Rayman Legends. I have...
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Posted 3 days ago by SyedaHuma
mobile is a very use thing
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Posted 3 days ago by omg1fan
Friends are life they there for u through life the got your back BYE NOW
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My cousin Penelope

Posted 3 days ago by RealSweetieTheBear
Hi guys! Today I am talking about something cousin Penelope. She has come from living in Switzerland to stay here ...
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