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my bf ryan xx

Posted about 5 years ago by belieber146_1863223
im not sure if you will see this ryan but i just wanted to say that i love you loads and you make me feel special. youre always...
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christina grimmie a star?

Posted about 5 years ago by XxscenealiciousxX_1851784
hey guys im back and with a new group the name is the title if you know who christina grimmie is i hop you agree shes a really ...
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morning breath

Posted about 5 years ago by miss smartypants
miss smartypants
what am i doing: eating breakfast i have morning breath eating: cream of wheat mood: groggyyyy!
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single and looking

Posted about 5 years ago by shadows69
who ever likes me i gess tell me or just start talking 2 me but dont b shy if u want 2 talk am not mean
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Happy annivesery

Posted about 5 years ago by PrincessTiana1215
I'm so excited I feel like a toddler in a candy shop Its been 2 months since I met Princeton The best Fing day of my lufe I lov...
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Halloween (YEAH)

Posted about 5 years ago by CuteGrace
Happy Halloween sooooooooo. Yeah i know halloween is about candy and having fun but i just want everyone to know that to be saf...
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Call of Duty

Posted about 5 years ago by Equa Rankzz
Equa Rankzz
All modern warfare2 players recruiting Equa clan trickshotzz
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Posted about 5 years ago by diva kitty
diva kitty
iphones are up to date htc is also up to date
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Super Happy

Posted about 5 years ago by xlilskittlezx_1869358
Dear... Whoever?, I Finally Have The Boy I Can Trust, Back With Me . ! Love Him So Much (: 10/26/11 (East Time) Love. Laryssa !...
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Posted about 5 years ago by mik9y
No hi Inc hi hub no king f Thu it get y do on children oh Zr think o it try oh VII oh VII uh h on by kg fry in no infancy you U...
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Is she my friend

Is she my friend

I am a bit sad. ;~;

consider the following

I am a bit sad. ;~;

I am a bit sad. ;~;

I am a bit sad. ;~;

Hey guys!

I am a bit sad. ;~;