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Posted almost 6 years ago by -OreoBaybee_1748107
Essence! iLoveYouu Essencee! Your Thee Best! Your Sweet.Funny.Goofy.Cute.Special. ! Essence A.K.A Mee iLy iLy iLy! Lmaooo!!
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my bff

Posted almost 6 years ago by toxiclilly
mi bff is so much fun. we go shopping and go out 2 eat.
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Can't Be Friends

Posted almost 6 years ago by KenziiSoSweet
Chapter Two: All Around Me October 12, 2011 "Why, Thank You, Jason" "My Pleasure, Alexa" We both giggle. Now, I realize w...
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Do you belive in santa clause ?

Posted almost 6 years ago by briannaglenn11_1604250
Well I dont,Are parent's buy's us gifts why do you think they higher someone to watch you why they shop.Dear Santa,you dont bri...
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A real story of Rachel Joy Scott April 20 1998

Posted almost 6 years ago by HinataLover4Ever_1880540
Rachel was a kind and caring person. She started a chain reaction of kindness. One day when her mom was driving her and her bro...
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Two Weeks

Posted almost 6 years ago by PrincessTiana1215
We've been together two weeks But it feels like years I love you so much And I'm happy were together Even if things don't work ...
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Posted almost 6 years ago by TrippleJ_1749679
Wrestling: who's your favorite wrestler and divas???
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Who Loves Jaden Smith?????????????????????

Posted almost 6 years ago by makala24
I love him because of his beautiful face *kisses*
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It girl

Posted almost 6 years ago by Swag143
"It Girl" I've been looking under rocks and breaking locks Just tryna find ya I've been like a maniac insomniac, 5 steps behin...
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Word of the Day

Posted almost 6 years ago by Mr.My Life Rocks
Mr.My Life Rocks
Today's word of the day is tired. Because most people are tired right now.
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~Nashita(@brilliantstudent) bids Goodbye~

~Nashita(@brilliantstudent) bids Goodbye~

Try to be kind to others!

~Nashita(@brilliantstudent) bids Goodbye~

~Nashita(@brilliantstudent) bids Goodbye~

The person below me

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