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1st post!

Hey everyone! So today I'm ...
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People and there words

so this is just a little in...
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I love listening to songs! ...
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I love RP! It is the best! ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


You're a Princess! Your style is totally royal, so you should go for a big, pouffy ballgown with tons of bling! Princesses love...


I am listening to: Fiction by B2st/Beast. I love this song soo muchh :) Love,...


Posted over 6 years by cutie7


I LOVE SMORES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Such A Werid Day

Posted over 6 years by PrincessTiana1215


I watched noemo and juliet today And I cryed I hate when couples argue Don't arguements suck?!


Posted over 6 years by piper522_1878881


do you like eagles or steelers bet me i like the steelers better comment and i will get back to you


Posted over 6 years by lka


we all differentiate as individuals, I don't believe that anyone can be like another..well, he can try..but the truth of the ...

me and my girlfiend

Posted over 6 years by dumbo41


me and my girlfriend held hands yesterday.

my info

Posted over 6 years by cutechickm12_1931206

Default girl

well, my name is sacha pronounced Sasha i am not allergic to anything and i live in china in beijing i go to a church called BI...

My haters Quotes

Posted over 6 years by Paige_unstoppable_me


PAIGE MAREE HURD*!!! Hated by many, wanted by plenty, disliked by some, confronted by none. Its so funny how the people who kn...


Posted over 6 years by DestinyInHeartbreak13_1945618


Boys are the best yet worst thing in teenage girls lives. Some are nice nd sweet and some are rude and jerks. No matter how the...

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