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Posted about 4 years ago by peacenobes
hey guys im a brand new member i hope i get to chat with u guys soon!!!!!
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I got banned AGAIN

Posted about 4 years ago by CLink08
I dont mean to flood but on accident i do . IM SO SAD
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Dynamic Dancers

Posted about 4 years ago by bananapebbles
Hey its me and my friends Lundan and jordan. We are hanging out on kidzworld after school, at school. Kinda wierd. But if u go ...
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me and my friends

Posted about 4 years ago by jaycei22
i am having fun up here at tha old bruce ms. we r havin fun we got like a lot over a125 haters it seem like sence i got back ho...
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Feel Like Talking

Posted about 4 years ago by blinkie
Hi, I Feel Like Tallking!! If You Only Know How Much Jesus Christ Is Awesome!! I LOVE HIM!!! He Is The life!! So Dont Go Away ...
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i hope i don't gte a mean teacher!

Posted about 4 years ago by nelly908_1697179
i heard some of the 6th grade teachers are mean and i don't want a mean teacher. they could be so mean. i know the class i'm ...
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Stuff :D

Posted about 4 years ago by Monkey Swagg
Monkey Swagg
So yeah, I'm excited for tomorrow. Its gonna be the best thing that happens in my life. My Ninjas are getting dropped off here...
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True Friends

Posted about 4 years ago by Kairy1
A friend of mine told me wat was true friend.A True friend doesnt fight with u and understands u.A friend fight with u and stil...
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Welcome to kidzworld

Posted about 4 years ago by scorpio king_1333306
scorpio king_1333306
welcome to kw hope u have fun u will if u talk to me lol well just want to introduce kw to new ppl its a fun place wer ppl tlk ...
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The joke of the day..

Posted about 4 years ago by Puppy power10
Puppy power10
Ok,so your going out to dinner right and your dinner date didn't show up,what do you do.Well his dinner date went to his house ...
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