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So... as the title says im ...
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Blog love

Hey im fox and im writing ...
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Less than a week!
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Hello, possible readers! It...
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Shadows Blog!!! :)

hey guys!! i just came on t...
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Posted over 6 years by BayBie136_1935375


well3...........hi hello everyody!!! :)

a message

Posted over 6 years by sufwan


life will be beautiful when u make it beautiful . friends make life fantastic and friends r like pieces of puzzles if u lose o...


everyone who dosent know slipknot or who listen to them once think their just a rampaging metal band. but their not that there ...


i hate when parents are like go do this go do that and if you dont you get in trouble

for war or aginst

Posted over 6 years by kamarah456


do you have to have to have war to have peace a lot of families go threw tragic sadnis because of war

Stay the same

Posted over 6 years by little miss fashion


there is no reason to change your self you should stay the same no matter what (unless you want to change your look) you should...

being bored

Posted over 6 years by randomlymehh1_1919117


what do you do when your bored? i dont know. but i just well do anything


Posted over 6 years by lilah116_1935672


My nick name is ke-ke i love chocolate and love to get on the computer. I am always online and talking. My mom is a nurse and m...


The danger box by Blue Balliet


Posted over 6 years by randomlymehh1_1919117


just here with the family. we have each others back. we sit around talking eating.(the best food in like the whole.....) i love...

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