HCG Diet Drops for Your Weight Loss

Posted over 3 years ago by hcgdietinsight4
Dr. Simeons is severely a genius for his progress and researching on undesirable fat the decrease product or service or provi...
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Posted over 3 years ago by Emo_Bunnii
Love is when you stand by his side, even when loves someone else and all you can do is stand back, smile, and say i'm happy for...
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We alll Learn from your hate.

Posted over 3 years ago by mybaby4ever
Im just really pissed about some fakes here . :'P
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anoying brothers

Posted over 3 years ago by atj100
toady i am talking to u about anoying brothers r soooooooo anoying i am the oldest and all bu they still cray and ...
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Posted over 3 years ago by ilnise123
i hate my school taking a test im 12 cant say back dont want to go to summer school really hared must do my best wish me luck ...
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thiz boy on kw

Posted over 3 years ago by mizzanthony
therz thiz boy on kw hez so sweet khute but how do i tell hyme dat OMG HEZ MY WORLD HOPE WE GO OUT LOLOLOLOL HAHAHA THICKNESS 4...
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Describe Me (:

Posted over 3 years ago by HannahOneHunnit
Tell Me How I Am.(: Describe Me(:
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lilys world

Posted over 3 years ago by cherryblast
this i my world anyway i got a new puppy and he is a chi-poo.btw he is so cute
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what it feels like to have a crush

Posted over 3 years ago by ur2funnydood
OK when u have a crush it feels like ur :o (embarrassed) when u see them. and somtimes u try 2 get cute in front of ur friends ...
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Posted over 3 years ago by Only One
Only One
I think love can b found in all sapes and sizes. Love is great.
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