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Fun Day! Day 1

today was quite fun!,My Fir...
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My mom and how she ignores me

She is always fantasizing a...
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When I first met you, I fe...
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So... as the title says im ...
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Blog love

Hey im fox and im writing ...
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Check out what other Kidzworld Members are talking about.


Posted over 6 years by NeverSayNever143


Do you beleive what you read is true?I was just asking because I don't.Also not all of it is true.For example when people said ...


I LOVE MY CAT and my dog. Im a dog person but my cat is awesome. He thinks he is a dog. How I know is cuz he plays fetch and he...

how i look

Posted over 6 years by hollywood singer

Default girl

when i was younger people use to pick on me because my mom was white n my dad was black and i had light blue eyes with curly h...


Posted over 6 years by apple2


why are some boys so ugly


Posted over 6 years by -Winter's Daughter-_1919836


Name: Preston Age:18 Looks: Preston Iron Miden t-shirt with black skiny jeand and convere high tops. Personality: Nice, and shy...


Posted over 6 years by -Winter's Daughter-_1919836


Name: Alexis Age: 17 Looks: Alexis She has purple skinny jeans and a yellow happy face T-shirt. Personality: She is nice and fu...

my new ninja bf

Posted over 6 years by pillows122


sooooo my bf is a ninja yupph jk lol nawh he isnt his name is teay fitzilovvvvvvvve him :-)


Name: Sydney Preston Age: 15 Looks: Sydney is a medium sized girl with shortish red hair and dimond blue eye's. She has a med...


Posted over 6 years by -Winter's Daughter-_1919836


OK, I'm gonna do a new thing, for every RP character I have I'm gonna blog it.

bout me

Posted over 6 years by dest554


if u wn to talk to me come vist my page and add me .(ps.let me get to no u first boys)

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