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Posted over 5 years ago by cherrypop100
:( I am Sad :) But i am also Happy! I am sad becoz.... My sister gets to be off school 2 moro cause shes ill, but i think she...
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Posted over 5 years ago by nio1234
i'm hungry
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Long time, no blog!

Posted over 5 years ago by xxxLiveUrLifeCrazyxxx
ok. so i just noticed i havent made a blog in 20 days!! i just got back from going camping with my family. now im just sitting ...
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Important Announcement

Posted over 5 years ago by JennaMarie94_1805058
Hello everyone. This is Jenna's mom. I'm very sad to announce this, but Jenna has committed suicide recently. She had been havi...
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Posted over 5 years ago by aceofhearts11_1902854
This is my first blog but, my friend told me to just talk about something totally random so, I chose to talk about my favorite ...
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Epic fail O_O

Posted over 5 years ago by I am epic
I am epic
Omg, epic fail. I droped my computer out the window on accident. So, never use the computer out the window with it open. So i b...
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Posted over 5 years ago by abssgirl
I am always so bored during the day does anyone have any ideas to make me...well not bored??? Anyone????
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Unleash My Love (My song)

Posted over 5 years ago by ximscenex
We've always been the best of friends Always had each other's backs We'll be friends, til the world ends I hope the friendship ...
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Reply to the troubles

Posted over 5 years ago by NerdyGurlz
The troubles are gone , The girl who was annoying me MOVED TO ABBOSTFORD. So , i'm satisfied :DD Byee !
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Posted over 5 years ago by ImlisaDoe.
-Rejectionn Some poeple rejected your frand request y ??? dont Know. probably Because you aint Cutee or probably Fakee . or Lam...
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