Survival Day (:

Posted over 3 years ago by qtbutterfly08
Done with the survival that's good that they've survived. :D Congratulations! Weeh! :) Love the part when they're chasing us(ex...
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y do people WANT to die?

Posted over 3 years ago by
whether u believe it or not SOMEONE in this world luvs u. murder or suicide isnt the way to go... because if u do tht u r just...
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the ultimate test of a good boy-friend

Posted over 3 years ago by
i dare u... to go up to ur crush and tell him a funny joke and then write back what he said when u told him. RIGHT HERE ON KW....
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makin keychains

Posted over 3 years ago by autie11256
keychains are easy to make. u just need string and someone to show u how to start and make them .
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American Idol

Posted over 3 years ago by
ok heres the thing, first, who watches american idol?... i do! and now idk if i want to now that JAMES is gone!!! AHHHH! he was...
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The Life and Times of Mary-Anne Skull and Birdy Joe

Posted over 3 years ago by L4uRiPoP
Birdy Joe ________________________________________________ Sshh. Mary-Anne is in a deep slumber. She is so worried. I do not kn...
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Never Say Never

Posted over 3 years ago by musicfunlover1
OMG... i love this movie!!!!! i just bought it right after school yesterday and watched it right after i got home from the stor...
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If itz a boy

Posted over 3 years ago by Ally2011
Michael Dayveonte Deyong (matt thought of it)
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Posted over 3 years ago by darkworld
The world will not end in 2012..... How would anyone know?
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u sould hate lictracy

Posted over 3 years ago by lulutoto555
lictracy is boring
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Hello, I'm Jessi (:

Hello, I'm Jessi (:

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